How I feel about online learning .

Remote learning not is not the best way to learn. Remote learning is to hard you don’t  know what to do first and you have some much work . When you need help you send a email to teachers but you have to wait 1 to 2 days for a respond . When remote learning first happened I thought it was going to be easy but its so hard .


remote learning is diffacult to a lot of people.  A lot of kids have to look over there brothers or sisters when there home remote learning which makes hard to learn.  When your home you have soooo much things to do . When people try to do there  work they can get distracted and forget what to do .


When you need help and send a email to teachers they wont respond for a couple days .  When your stuck on something and need help you would send a email to your teatcher to help you but they are already talking ti some kids it will take hours for them to respawn . It take teather to long to respawn to students when remote learning .  When they see the email you have to make a meeting which takes more time .

Remote learning is not a good way to learn.  You dont know what to do,  you have to wait for help , and   you might think its easy but its not .


Different and the same .

Tessie and Katniss are the same in some ways but different in others . They both were hopeing not to get picked in The Lottery .  However Tessie was willing to let her kids die so she can live. Katniss is willing to sacrfice her self to let her sister live . Also Tessis was being selfish because she didn’t want to die . Katniss let her sister live by sacrfice her self .

Three things I want to change .

In this new year I want to change three things about me .  First I will spened less money and save more so when I need it I will have it.   it. Second I will get a new hobby like football because i like watching football. Last I will start going to more partys so when I make one i have a idea what one will look like.

First I will make a goal to see how much money I can waste in a week and or month . Second I will find something to put all me money in so I can save it .  I want to save as much as money as I can so when I need  themoney I will have it ready.

So I want t have a new hobby. I dont want to have the same one for the rest of my life . The hobby I want to have is football because I want to become a prefreshtion player so I can be famose . Football looks easy but its proble not because you have to do so much .

When I make my first party its going to be the best one in my life . Partys are so fun. The partys have lots if lights and are so loud . When the partys are over thires so much trash to clean up and a lot of plates cup forks and spones and knifes.

so I want to change

Lottery Character

Based on the words and actions of old man worner in Shirley jackson’s story “The lottery” I think he is upset about the lottery. “Theres talk of giveing up the lottery ” said mr.Adams “pack of crazy fools ” said old man worner.I conclud that old man worner is upset because alot of people want to give up the lottery althought its a tridshtion.

I want world peace

we need to elimilante guns . we need to elimilante cunatres. we need reliegen .

guns are a danger to sociate . guns are one of the tools used in wars . people can buy guns very esey .

If all cuntreis were gone and the world was one big cuntreis then there would be no fighting. cuntreis one of the resonsos why wars happen. if all cunteris were elimilanted then who would people fight ?

people need religon its techs right to wrong. religon tells people killing is very wrong . religon helps people in a way.

world peace is what we all need right now . we don’t get world peace were all dead. I wish one day we would get world peace .

party time

If I stay after school with me friends i would go to the gym and play dodgeball.

Can we get sancks and water/sode at the party .

If we have are phones can we use them at the party.

Can we bring other friends that are not in this class room.

nature walk

I want on a nature with my class. me and my class were cut by a lot of thorns . I saw sooooo many holes wich proble has a lot of snakes we will never know . we  all saw a bevaer dam that over flood the creak.`

I was cut by thorns 10 times it hurt 🙁 .  people in my class were also cut. there soooo many thorns 🙁   .

There were so many hole like what the freck bro . I was scerd to find out what was in the holes 🙁 . the holes look like they went on for miles.

there was a dam built by bevars. the dam flood the creack . the dam look weird

I almost bleed to death on the nature walk. I got cut by thorns, saw soooooooo many holes and a bever dam .

I recmend not to go on a nature walk or this will happen to you !!!!!!!!!! .